Sustainable Energy Finance at Creara International

Creara International has worked intensively on the financial aspects of the energy projects, helping their clients to better understand the profitability of the energy savings when risks are correctly addressed and the projects is adequately managed. This has mean many times setting a bridge between the technical and the financial world, represented often by engineers and banks who tend to diverge on their views.

Creara International has specific experience on training financial institutions in identifying opportunities for Energy Efficiency or Clean Development, supporting them on the assessment of their client’s portfolio and providing mechanisms to mitigate the associated risks.

That has contributed to facilitate financing for Energy Efficiency and Clean Production projects from commercial banks, helping to increase company’s competiveness through the scale up of sustainable measures.

See below an example of Creara International's work in this field:
Support to Technical Services Providers (Sustainable Energy Finance Program, C-SEF) – Colombia
GREENPYME – Central America

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