Central America

Central America: GREENPYME Central America
Client: International Investment Corporation (IIC)- Inter American Development Bank (IDB)
Dates: February 2011 – April 2011
Country: Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Honduras, El Salvador, Guatemala

Description of the Project: The goal of GREENPYME Central America Program is to promote energy efficiency in SMEs in Central America. The program attempts to tackle the main barriers (i.e. lack of information, weak capacity, insufficient access to financing, lack of technology and products etc…) hindering the implementation of good energy practices. GREENPYME provides SMEs with information and training (via workshops), analytical tools and technical support (via energy audits) and promotes access to “green” financing (by leveraging partnerships with local banks). Creara assessed BAC’s portfolio (Central America Bank) who are the counterpart of IIC on this programme and supported credit officers on the decision process for financing green projects. In addition, our firm delivered a complete training on each country for credit and lending officers. The training included some basics of the Energy Efficiency business; green investment opportunities; project financial due diligence; project risk assessment and management, and addressing technological change.