Creara International provides the following services.
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Renewable Energy

  • Program Design
  • Institutional and Regulatory Framework
  • Investment Feasibility Studies
  • Financial Mechanisms
  • Clean Energy Financing

Demand Side
Management (DSM)

  • Analyze load curve – Define desired impact
  • Create baseline – Marginal cost analysis
  • Market analysis – Audit, Surveys
  • Analyze the potential and economics of each DSM option
  • Evaluate DSM impact Program Results
  • Demand Response

Energy Performance Contracting (ESCO)

  • ESCO Startup and Setup
  • ESCO Development Programs
  • Market Development and Marketing strategies
  • Business Planning
  • ESCO Sales and Marketing
  • ESCO Project development
  • Project Financing
  • Procurement, Design and Implementation
  • Monitoring and Verification
  • Design and deliver training Programs