Creara International offers consultancy, management and outreach program services in the fields of Sustainable Energy Efficiency , renewable energies and climate mitigation.

Creara began operations in Spain in 2003 and soon achieved a leading position in the local markets for consulting in energy efficiency and renewable energy allowing the expansion into international markets.

In 2010, to cater to the developing world and the US market, Creara International was formed in partnership with Sam Gouda, a renowned expert in Sustainable Energy and Energy Efficiency. Since the expansion into the international market, Creara International has been providing from its headquarter in Washington DC the same high-quality services to international clients with a stronger focus on energy finance, ESCOs and DSM (Demand Side Management) and energy policy on collaboration with IFIs (international financial institutions) and other donors. Creara also operates with regional offices and/or partners in Brazil (Sao Paulo), Ecuador (Quito), Colombia (Bogota) and Chile (Santiago de Chile).