North America

USA: Training seminar on sustainable energy financing
Client: Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), Structured and Corporate Finance Department (SCF)
Country: USA (Washington D.C)
Dates: February 2011

Description of the Project: Creara International designed and delivered a training for the Bank in order to strengthen the knowledge of Bank investment officers from SCF Department so they are better prepared to finance sustainable efficiency projects. More specific objectives include generating knowledge on the role of energy efficiency and on energy efficiency opportunities from a final energy user and a bank perspective, on the barriers to energy efficiency implementation and on investment and financing alternatives.

Mexico: Energy Efficiency Market Study and ESCOs Report in Mexico
Country: Mexico
Dates: October 2012 – February 2013

Description of the Project: This consultancy was developed under the framework of a SCF’s initiative named “Beyond Banking program: Banking on Global Sustainability” belonging to Financial Markets Division (FMK).
The studies aims to serve as a guide for local banks to make investment decision on Energy Efficiency opportunities and potential sectors.
Creara International elaborated two reports; one focused on EE market in Mexico (Market Study Report), the second including relevant information for the identification of ESCOs in Mexico (ESCOs report). The Market Study deeply analyzes Mexican institutional and legal context for Energy Efficiency with particular emphasis on the financial environment, the barriers and the risks and mitigation mechanisms. In addition, the study explains the different programs and initiatives already launched in the country in different sectors. The ESCOs Report analysis de ESCO market in Mexico, including a final selection of the most promising ones for a later programme assistance.

Mexico: Study for measures actions for mitigation of GHG in the Construction Sector in Mexico
Client: Instituto Nacional del Ecologia (INE), UNDP
Country: Mexico
Dates: May 2012 to November 2012 – Extension until end of February 2013

Description of the Project: In the context of the V National Communication from Mexico about Climate Change UN Conference, the INE (National Ecology Institute) requested Creara’s consulting services in order to make a diagnosis of GHG mitigation in the construction sector and subsectors (cement, steal and others). The study includes the scenarios and forecast for GHG emission (baseline and scenarios 2020-2030), mitigation measures in the short and medium term, identification of potential barriers and mechanisms to overcome them, contributing, in addition, with the necessary tools for the development of methodologies of Measurement, Report and Verification of actions of mitigation.