Andres Mercado-Salomon

Andres MercadoAndres Mercado is an expert with over 10 years of experience in many energy efficiency-related sectors, namely energy auditing, design of energy efficiency measures, financial analysis of energy efficiency and renewable energy projects, energy modeling of buildings and processes and measurement and verification of performance.

Since he joined to Creara in 2009 he has been leading international projects as a Sustainable Energy Specialist such as Sustainable Energy Program in Colombia financed by IFC (WB). He also led several missions on energy training in North Africa and the Middle East region, funded by European Comission jobs. Recently Andres managed several investment grade audit projects in Colombia. He also conducted a GHG emission study for the construction industry in Mexico.

Andres has worked in Mexico, Canada and Latin America in the commercial, industrial and institutional sector. He has accumulated experience in the assessment of energy efficiency improvement potential and its related costs, assisting clients in the private sector through the fund-raising process, searching and finding incentive programs and commercial financing in order to carry out their initiatives. In Canada, Andres Mercado has worked with government agencies and private companies to help them assess energy efficiency projects performance through the creation of measurement and verification plans. Additionally, he has collaborated with ESCOs in the verification of performance of energy efficiency projects. He has performed work with design teams to estimate the energy consumption of buildings through energy modelling in an integrated design approach, or for certification purposes. He has performed several energy audits in commercial, industrial and institutional facilities. He has participated in multidisciplinary teams to perform feasibility studies for renewable energy projects.

Andres Mercado is an experienced trainer. He has worked in Mexico, Canada, Colombia, and Africa  in the institutional and commercial sector. He has held the responsibility of training the entire staff of several organizations in energy awareness and efficiency impacts on operational costs. He has trained engineering firms in financial mechanisms to fund energy efficiency projects. He has trained consultants in energy auditing of buildings. He has worked for energy utilities: CFE in Mexico, in the training of staff on cost reduction through energy efficiency improvements, Hydro-Quebec in Canada, in the evaluation of results of energy efficiency incentives programs and Gaz-Metropolitain in Canada, in the verification of performance and the assessment of financial results of energy efficiency projects submitted by clients to their incentives program.

Andres Mercado is a mechanical and electrical engineer and a certified measurement and verification professional.

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