Marta Aguilar Idoeta

Marta Aguilar IdoetaMarta Aguilar is a senior environmental consultant.

She began her professional career implementing an Environment Management System for Spanish Postal System and the Ministry of Defense.

In 2002, she joined Bureau Veritas holding the position of Manager on Environment and Corporate Responsibility. From that position, Marta acquired a great exposure to  sustainable initiatives for some of the largest firms at international level. Her main achievements were the implementation of the Environment Management System for manufacturing plants of Airbus and Toyota in Spain. In addition, she elaborated the sustainability report for PSA Peugeot Citroën according to the Global Reporting Initiative. Later, she also elaborated the Corporate Responsibility Report for the Spanish Medical Association according to the Global Reporting Initiative. Marta worked on the Codes of Conduct for the supply chains of Coca Cola, Avon and Nordstrom and she implemented Environmental Training programs for Siemens.

Marta holds an Ms in environmental engineering since 1997 from the Industrial Organization School (EOI) of Madrid. She completed her formal education 2010 with a diploma in Corporate Social Responsibility delivered by the IE Business School of Madrid.