Adriana Villoslada

Adriana Villoslada picAdriana Villoslada is the Business Developer for Creara International.

Adriana has more than seven years of experience with multilateral projects always centered in the areas of sustainability, economic development and competitiveness.

She started her career as Investment Analyst at the Spanish Embassy (Trade Commission) in Sao Paulo (Brazil). One year later she joined a leading consultancy and engineering firm to work as a consultant at the Economic Development and Sustainability Department. During that time she gained extensive experience in managing technical assistance funds from different donors (European Commission, World Bank and the Inter-American Development Bank among others).
Since 2010 she works as a consultant for Creara International, acting as Business Developer Manager in Washington D.C office. She has been involved in Energy Efficiency assignments performed by Creara in Latin America and other countries worldwide. Adriana has a long track record on managing projects, doing the financial and technical follow-up and supervising the quality of the services delivered by the team.

Adriana Villoslada is Double Major, BSc in Law and Bs in Business Administration by Carlos III University from Madrid, Spain. In addition, Adriana holds a Postgraduate Certificate in Sustainability from Massachusetts University, and a MSc in International Business Management by CECO (Center of Economic and Social Studies) from Madrid, Spain.